SurgiOS- A Robotic Surgery Platform

  • Base: two parallel tracks, which allow the movement of the robot in the y-axis
  • Gantry: aluminum structure, which moves parallel to the tracks and which functions as the track for the arm base
  • Arm base: a structure that can move in two dimensions on the gantry (z-axis and x-axis), on which are attached the surgical robotic arms
  • Surgical Robotic arms: Robotic arms that are attached to the arm base and operate with 6 degrees of freedom, to manipulate with flexibility, precision and repeatability, the surgical tools, each one of which, is attached to an arm’s end effector. I haven’t designed those yet, but I am thinking of an alternative design which will include the Raven Surgical arms.

The challenge the project addresses.

SurgiOS Features

  • Open-source hardware and software reduces the total cost to the minimum (cost for buying the hardware parts)
  • Open-source license means flexibility in how the robotic platform will be used for research.
  • The platform is designed with a modular approach, so any researcher, medical student or doctor can adjust it based on their needs and requirements.
  • Single gantry with single arm base
  • Single gantry with double arm base
  • Double gantry with one or two arm bases
  • Arm base can have up to 4 robotic arms (typically 2 or 4)
  • Dimensions can also be configured, but with some limitations in minimum dimensions of gantry and base, so that the robot’s components will be collision-free
  • Besides the arm base, other components can be attached on the gantry as well e.g. medical imaging equipment, custom 3D bio-printer etc.
  • Extend surgery robotics to more anatomical areas of the body
  • Semi/Fully autonomous operation
  • Robotic arms, collision-free orchestration
  • Exterior and interior anatomical computer vision



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Alex Karadimos

Alex Karadimos


Electrical and Computer Engineer | Full Stack Web Developer, Robotics, Blockchain